Housing Is a Foundation for Success

Imagine living in a home composed primarily of cardboard and plastic bags; a home with a dirt floor and an open flame stove that, over time, layers everything in soot and ash. For many in rural Nicaragua, this is an unfortunate reality.

Through direct collaboration with partner communities, families living in inadequate and unsafe homes are identified. Participating families receive a house, an efficient wood-burning stove, and a latrine. This has a profound impact on the long-term stability of the family. Children with permanent homes have improved school attendance and better long-term health as do their other family members.

How it works

1. The community screens and recommends families based on their current housing situation and income
2. Eligible families must prove that they have clear title to the land, contribute labor and pay a partial mortgage on their new home (25% interest free over four years)
3. Volunteer groups who partner with FNEI raise the $2,800.00 needed to build the home.
4. Volunteers groups and certified construction foremen then assist the family in building their new home, as well as a latrine and eco-stove.
5. The title of the home is put in the name of the woman of the household to ensure that the family is protected should the parents become separated.
6. The family now has a permanent residence and greater opportunity for success