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Dear Friends,

We are beyond thrilled to introduce The Hope Collective, a new, easy and community-centric way for you to make a big difference in the lives of people and communities in Nicaragua, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

So, you want more information? We're glad you asked! Here are answers to the three most important questions for you:

Why do we need recurring donations?

As a nonprofit, we face the challenge of relying on external support to fulfill our mission. By becoming a recurring (monthly) donor, you make it possible for us to plan, budget, and make decisions based on our available resources, ensuring that we can continue serving our beneficiaries without interruption.

You can be the driving force in a story of human kindness and inspirational change. Every dollar counts, and when combined with the donations of others, it can add up to big impact. (You can also watch this video to see step-by-step how to join!)

What are the features of our recurring donor program?

At The Hope Collective, we believe that every contribution counts, and we are grateful for your support. To recognize the incredible impact that each of our donors makes, we have created giving levels. No matter which giving level you choose, your contribution will truly make a difference!

  • Givers -$5-50. Example: With a donation of $35, provide snacks for 5 children for a week
  • Allies - $51-100. Example: With $100, sponsor six month's worth of school fees and supplies for a child
  • Champions - $101-200. Example: With $120, buy a home garden for a family
  • Trailblazers - $201-300. Example: With $250, provide medical care for a medically-complex child
  • Legends - Over $300. Example: With $500, buy materials to build a new house for a family.

How do I become a member of The Hope Collective?

It's simple: you can set up your monthly contribution easily and within minutes! Click on this link, select your budget-friendly monthly donation, add your credit card information and be the change in someone's life.

Your recurring online donation is secure and flexible, you can increase, decrease or suspend your gift at any time.

Our Promise To You

Already a monthly donor with FNE? Congratulations! You're already a part of The Hope Collective. Stay tuned for more information about your membership and giving level.

Whether you're our newest Ally or Trailblazer - thank you for making a lasting impact!

The FNEI team

As a member of The Hope Collective, you will receive regular updates on the progress of our programs and the impact that your donations are having on the lives of families in our partner communities including direct from program participants.

You will also be invited to exclusive events like virtual tours of our communities, where you can connect with other members and learn more about the impact of your contributions.

You will be part of our co-creation rooms, where you can vote on new ideas on how to enhance your engagement and impact, and be featured in our social media, if you so desire.

You will also receive special level-specific perks, like an alpaca wool mug sleeve hand-knit by one of our community beneficiaries for the “Allies” level.