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FNEI works collaboratively with rural communities in Nicaragua to provide financial assistance for the most deserving students who demonstrate their determination to succeed.

The Problem

Families who are preoccupied with other survival priorities have the opportunity to send a child to receive a formal college education, likely for the first time in that family’s history. Recipients are offered a new beginning as their goals shift from daily struggles toward long-term solutions to the poverty they endure.

How It Works

When students formally request to be a part of the project through community application, the evaluation of recipients is determined by their academic success throughout high school, as well as their number of siblings and the overall financial needs of the family. Recipient students agree to a number of expectations upon receiving scholarships including maintaining a target GPA, attending monthly progress meetings, and giving back to their community throughout the process.

The Impact

Students pursue training in all fields, ranging from education and journalism to business and engineering. This training lays a more sustainable path toward self-sufficiency through small business innovation and independent decision making rather than charitable dependency. Assisting in financing higher education is sustainable in itself by not providing a consumable, but instead providing the opportunity for impoverished rural Nicaraguans to help themselves through careers.

FNEI currently supports approximately 150 students from four communities in their pursuit of higher education.