Salud Para Todo Los Ninos

Salud Para Todo Los Ninos is a collaboration between FNE, RGHA and the Nicaraguan health system is
  • consultative and comprehensive.  We see children referred by the local physicians and seek to provide holistic care – ranging from durable medical equipment (e.g. wheelchairs) and medications to counseling and education to support for education and housing.
  • interdisciplinary and collaborative – includes both Nicaraguan and US-based providers, includes physicians, nurses, psychologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists.  Goal to include other specialists as we identify them!
  • deliberative to be scalable – goal is to identify treatment pathways within the context of the local healthcare system and to improve ongoing local health care by supporting training and connecting additional resources
  • committed to the long run – with FNE’s track record of over 20 years involvement in the Leon region and RGHA’s leadership more than 10 years experience delivering health care in limited resource settings – we intend to continue working and expanding so that our mission is achieved
Having just concluded our Pilot Year where we screened and evaluated over 100 children referred to us with chronic illnesses or complex medical conditions, we are planning to expand and build on our experiences.
Here are some of our patient stories:

Luis Enrique is an adorable little boy who was born with Apert Syndrome. This rare genetic condition has left him with multiple physical challenges including low tone, limited hand dexterity, and difficulties with speech. He also faces the need for a major surgery to correct his craniosynostosis, a bone disorder of his skull.

Working closely with surgical teams in Managua, SPTLN has arranged for the testing he will need to move forward with surgery. We have also supported his family through the process, assisting with transportation and incidental costs.

During our trips to Nicaragua this year, Luis Enrique has met with our therapy support teams who have provided valuable instruction on exercises that his family can do with him to improve his dexterity, and we have even been able to provide special wrist support braces to assist him with activities of daily living. That sort of support will allow him to not only perform more independent activities, but will also encourage his overall cognitive development.

Wilson was born with a deficiency in his thyroid hormone production. Unfortunately, this leads to significant developmental delays, learning disabilities, and profound constipation. Our medical team has been able to help get him back before an Endocrinologist to get his thyroid function tested and to ensure he has the supplementation he will need to keep his metabolism balanced. In addition, we are carefully monitoring his gastrointestinal status as we work hard to get his constipation under control.

Meanwhile, our FNE team has been working hard to address his nonmedical needs including- access to school, accommodations there and at home, support for his family, and maybe most importantly… having some fun!